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Strategic Offerings

Advisory Services

Focused on providing practical, effective and comprehensive advisory solutions to early-stage and growth-stage companies seeking strategic capital and growth scaling solutions.

Investment Solutions

Balanced in our value creation and diligence, Westgard's investment solutions provide companies and their owners a partnership-focused solution in mission-aligned sectors. 




The implementation of process or strategies of profitably growth, across tangible, intangible and societal impacts


The conviction of achieving that has little regard to what is actual or possible, and achieving it with gusto

Why we build Westgard

Westgard aims to empower non-traditional founders with expert capabilities and confidence to scale GROWTH, access CAPITAL and realize their VISION


The insight of deploying and seeking  investment capital at the optimal efficiency, return horizon, and creating long term value to communities

Domains of Expertise

Future of Work & Wellness

New technologies, processes and solutions that change the way the world works, and the way our community assess and maintain health and wellness. 

Global Commerce Enablement

AI-informed interaction modes and better production technologies will allow consumer to engage with commerce in many different new ways

Media & Creator Economy

Tools to enable content creators to reach their audience, while new tools can enable media enterprises to improve their tracking and distribution capabilities

Enterprise Data & Financial Tech

A new generation of large data enabling software and core IT technologies to support future enterprises

Sustainable Impactful Brands

Inclusive brands that give their global, diverse consumers a sense of joy in uniting their collective humanity and expressing in sustainable ways.

Our Clients

Client Testimonial

Westgard Capital was instrumental in raising our first institutional capital and executing a game-changing M&A transaction with TheEmployeeApp.


Their tailored approach, strong negotiating skills driven by deep market insights were crucial in navigating this complex process.


Their team’s expertise in strategic capital raise and aligning with our growth goals has transformed our business’s trajectory and long term value creation

Srikant Chellappa

CEO, Engagedly

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